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I still love you

no I don’t.

I’m so confused. why did this happen.

I want you to be happy. if this is what it takes then I’m okay with it. be happy. for me. please.

don’t you ever give up.

I kind of hate you for leaving me.

but I still love you.

I won’t look at you in person but I talk to you in my head

you’re a better listener this way.

I’m sorry.

maybe if I wasn’t so fucked up this wouldn’t have happened

no. it’s not my fault.

but it kind of is.

I hate this

I don’t know who I am without you.

why can’t things be like they were before

please come back to me. I need you. you need me.

we are so goddamn bad for each other it’s beautiful. I’m addicted to our heartbreak.

I went through our old messages. I cried because you promised to always be there. you lied.

you smiled at me in the hall today. i thought my chest was being ripped open

I’m glad you’re smiling though.

texts I saved but never sent you since you left me. (via satanss-mistress)


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why didn’t i learn about jonestown in school
wikipedia says the jonestown massacre resulted in the largest loss of american life in a single deliberate act until 9/11
black mothers gently spooned cyanide into the soft mouths of their black babies
black bodies laid out covering every inch of a failed utopia
but we don’t talk about it
i guess white saviors only get statues when they do their killing in secret

why didn’t i learn about ella baker in school
the woman who carried the black civil rights movement on her back
who gave a voice to the youth
who knew when and where the work needed to be done and did it
without fear of getting grass stains on her knees
whose words and actions still so diligently guide us in our fight for freedom
why wasn’t her picture in my textbook

it’s true
the sun always shines brighter for the sons of the world
but martin luther king was a nigger before he was ever the sun
and i’m a nigger
a bitch
before i’m somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter
before i am somebody

and i am
a human with complexity of thought and feeling
and the right to be respected and loved
somebody blessed
with a body that can stand
and breathe
and speak
a body where what’s inbetween my legs matches what’s supposed to be inbetween my ears
a body that makes you comfortable enough to tolerate me
i don’t think you understand
but still
i have so much in this body
so much to be grateful for
so much to fight with

but i didn’t learn that in school
i didn’t see it in a movie
or in a magazine
or in my scholastic catalog
why was i never taught that i was important and valid
that my life was worth protection and recognition
why was i taught the phrase “all life is sacred” included unborn fetuses but not the strong women of color who were born babies and not boys
why did i have to claw and fuck and swim my way through tears and bottles
to learn that i had been lied to

An Education, Dara Scaife (via wocinsolidarity)

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